Day 2: Prompt- Picnic, & learn to call yourself an artist.

Day 2- Artist. I am an artist, and I have no trouble saying this. Describing my art is the difficult part.
I am a decorative painting artist, in the past this was a part time job, & I dabble in many other mediums. I am a digital scrap booking artist who is constantly searching for more ways to learn & use this medium. Digital scrapping has lead me to wanting to learn more about photography- but I again have no hesitation saying I am NOT a photographer! And I also consider myself a crafter... not necessarily an artist in this area, depends on the project.
This is my PICNIC! The sun is shining, birds are chirping, & the temp & humidity is perfect!!! Some of my family are here & there, eating & playing. I am standing with a brush in one hand, & a beer bottle in the other, playing with paint on this bear (which is on a easel), with food & paint scattered around. My granddaughter is laughing & having a great time with her Mom, Dad, & PawPaw.
I have family, talent, hope, & friends, who cares if I did laundry or not! I don’t.

I can say- this days challenge has been more of a challenge than I thought! When I went to look for my digi scrap files- I discovered to my horror that there are missing than I thought! Many of the ones I have purchased, as well as many freebies I have collected. And of course- among them my art kits, with easels & paint & all KINDS of painting goodies.

So that is where your imagination is put to the creativity test!!! If you can read the text on this project you will see what I mean.

Oh, and I did try to copy & paste the text for you, guess what? It didn't work!!!! Oh- I did it!!! Wooo Hoooooooo Now how did I do it??? Note to self- paste into Word Pad & copy that to use on here. Hee heee

Throw in the phone, enternet repair man, TV repair man, & running up & down the stairs from one to the other, no wonder I am a bit frazzled tonight.

And now my friends- it is time for a big event- putting the TV that I can SEE back on the mantle!! So have a good night.

Word Art-

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