Day 4: prompt- heavy metal, seek inspiration

I didn't know what to think when I saw Heavy Metal other than Ozzy or The Rolling Stones. Then I thought of metal that was heavy. I did as suggested & went through what few pics of I have on my computer. I saw this one of a girlfriends son, & instantly I knew- there is no heavier metal than this GUN!

Right now I wish I was a writer, I am horrible at it. I want to express strongly why I feel that this gun is such a heavy metal (I know, a lot of it is probably plastic).

Think about what this gun is responsible for... the safety of this young man, the safety of others, the giving, & taking of life if needed. It has to be cleaned & taken care of more tenderly than a soldier holds a baby, this mans life depends on this piece of metal.

If that is not the heaviest of metals to carry, I don't know what else is.

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Carmen said...

I hope you show this to your friend - I'm sure the image you've created and the meaning behind it will mean such a lot to her :)

Kathy said...

well said chefie. this picture is worth a thousand words and two of them are definitely heavy and metal. love ya

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