What a Day!

Any of you plan your day & it just never happens? I thought I would get to cleaning my studio today, but it didnt happen. I didnt accomplish a whole lot today. I did get the little chat box thingie to load on the page... not to sure if its working though.
I received some very sad news earlier, a very dear friend lost her beloved today. He was her rock, anchor, & any other positive word you can think off. I met her online & she has become one of the dearest friends I have, & I wish I could be there beside her during this sad time.
He was a hoot- when my GF & I talked on the phone or used the webcam, he always had something funny to say to me. He told me one time that if I came to visit I had to sleep outside, so it became a running joke with us. I told him last night on web cam that he had a sexy leg & how did it get there???  Turns out it was his arm. We got a good chuckle out of that!
I'm going to miss you Jerry!!!!

Hmm- how do you add a happy after that?
Easy- I am so glad that I knew him, even if it was through the web.

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