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As I visit different digi scrapping sites I do just what those blinkies are there for.... I click & find more sites, some that I just "click" with. I had recently decided to try & stick with 3 main sites, & of course, DSP being my favorite one. After all- they are my digi home, the site that is always there for me & taught me the most. But I wanted to participate in more challenges, & I can barely keep up with one site, but I wanted to broaden my digi virgin wings. OMG- therre are so many out there! I sure am glad I don't want to be a designer!!! LOL
My recent discovery-------- Digi Scraps Drive-In------ what nice people! Of course I started out right- I wasn't thinking & copied my pers site links from my email, to include another site where I have my DS gallery. I do know better BTW. In digi land, that is a no-no. (I don't think I ever saw that in painting land). I received the nicest message about it, & removed the link. I wanted to do a speed scrap with them that night, so I jumped in, & felt right at home <3 This was it...

Now the reason I went to this site in the first place was because I saw a blurb about a digital scrap retreat... maybe I saw it on FB, maybe I googled, I don't know. All I know is I was thrilled when I found one in the area where I grew up- one of the MOST beautiful places on Earth- Asheville NC!!! Don't argue with me- it truly is magnificent there. Too bad I didn't know how special it was while growing up there. :) Anyway- this is a sign (yep, I do believe in them) that I do need to be at this retreat! And when I felt so welcomed by DSDI- that was the convincing factor. LOL And I will be able to visit all of my scattered family after, or before, whatever. Of course. like everything, all this takes is money. Ha haaaa..... I keep forgetting to tell Mike that I want to do this. Especially since I/we have spent more money this year than we probably do in 3 years on fun stuff. Oh well- this doesn't happen til next year, but I do need to send in my registration to be sure I have a spot.
Well- my bedtime alarm just went off, & i think I should be headed that way. I usually turn it off & keep on going, yeah, it does a lot of good. But Bella is peacefully sleeping in her bed with us tonight, & somehow I don't think she will be letting me sleep til 10 or later in the morning. She is such a blessing to us, and I LOVE that little Brad looking face. And she has her Mommy & Daddy's sweet nature. And she is JUST like Uncle David in her activities! Go go go! Just like David- she started walking at just over 10 months. I think she has the best of all three of my children. Technically- Kelsey is a DIL, but to me she is my daughter, with a heart kinder than most, & filled with love.
Well- I could go on & on- but I need to head for bed. I blogged instead of watching Army wives, I'll see it later. Love those DVR's! Thought blogging would be faster... didn't know I was going to go on & On like some batteries. Good Night All!!!

Sweets for the night- Sweet dreams of ice cream, candy, cake, pies, & kissies from loved ones.

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