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Yea- I finally got the main page set up correctly. Took a while & some smart help- Thank You!
Now onto new questions.

I am using third party templates from B templates

I have tried to find answers to my questions about how to modify the page links on this page, on Blogger & B templates, & the page creator.

I created 2 more pages in blogger that I would like to use as a photo gallery type page, using the tabs above the posts.  However- from blogger-  they show up w/ the same template, & if I try to edit or change templates it always goes to my main page & wants to edit it. Can I change the template on these pages? Can I use a new BT template, or one from Blogger? How can I add a page like" about me" using the original twitter right tabs.

How do I link the gallery page to these tabs? I tried replacing the html- nope- but I am not at all sure I know what I am doing. You will see I did add actual links (I think) to the pages, but I want them to be attached to a tab- even using the ones at the top if necessary. I have no preference which tab is where. I think I should have all the album pages on top come to think of it.

How do I link any blog pages to the tabs on this template? Note to BT- it would be nice to add this in the "how to use" link, and add English version of the DL.

And my last thought is- if I cant add a new template to the new pages-  can I edit the new pages with original template to basically leave nothing but the template & blog links, as in the tabs & page credits? Then add photos as posts?

I didnt think this would be so complicated LOL Thank You very much!!!!

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Lecca said...

To change the menu, like home ... enters the model in edit HTM without expanding and looking for li class = 'page_item home and even give you change for your own link and to change the background search by the address section in the css style body ( margin: 0px; padding: 0px; text-align: left; font-family: arial; font-size: 12px; border: 0; color: # 808080; background: # CCB6A8 url ( repeat-x; ) and where is the address of the image by changing its. I hope it helped you, I'm using Google translator

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