Where I Have Been...

Hi. Been a while, I know. Since I posted last I have been to Pa. & met my longtime online &painting friend Mary, & also some other painting buddys. It was so wonderful!

The only bad thing is Mary got very sick toward the end of my visit. But she is better now. We had so much fun & silliness while I was there. And the cold weather that they have up north was so nice & beautiful, hmmm, seemed a lot like our weather down in the south.

Then I had a few days at home & Mike had a last  minute business trip to Orlando, so I grabbed the chance to go & visit my niece &nephew & their families. I didnt realize I wouldnt have a car- hee hee- so the visits were very short, but very sweet. I love those kids <3

My Niece Lisa's 3 kids.....

My Nephew Richies Kids

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