Day 14- almost 2 weeks

.by Robin Tomlin Rakes on Friday, March 25, 2011 at 12:52am.

HI everyone. It is hot down here already! But also beautiful.
Tomorrow morning will be 2 weeks since Mikes accident. I have heard it- but never really lived it like this- its amazing how your lives can change in a matter of seconds.
Mike got moved to a step down unit to PCC... Progressive Critical care. I thought that was exciting til I saw the room he is sharing, & trust me- you will not have many visitors at once in there!! It is a shared room & since he is by the door his side is darkkkkkk. Yuck. Oh well- this means hes getting better. Room 325. But no room for me to do any computer work- that's for sure!
Also it appears that the person from Shepherd Center, or maybe I did, jumped the gun a bit.... cus not everything is as go as she told me. I was trying to get some paperwork done & ended up talking to the insurance company & checked on this. And yes- I had planned on checking on it anyway. So I need to talk to the social worker tomorrow & see whats happening. At least in this unit the visiting hours are flexible.
He's still not able to talk due to the trachea. Another thing to find out- why they haven't tapped that thing off so he can start learning to talk again. I hope the nurses are as great on this unit as they were on the other one.
That's most of the days events. My host family took me & our other house guest to dinner tonight. It was really good. This restaurant opened in 1939, & it is still in the same place. I dont think it has been updated very much since then... but as long as the food is good that's what matters.
OK- night everyone- please remember Mike in your prayers. Love Yall!!!


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