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Brad N Kelsey Rakes

I love u! And I am so thankful that bella and I can be here with you. It makes me feel like I'm doing something to help even though I know there isn't much for me to do as far as dad. I actually think he helps me more than anything. He gives me hope! You are amazingly strong and I know all this is making our little family stronger!

Robin Spear Godshalk

You have done a excellent job keeping us informed. I have read posts from you every morning, copying them e-mailing to work and sending out trying to help keep people informed. I have loved FB because the correct information is written by you and passed along. Great work Robin, know that all of you are in our thoughts & prayers!!! Keep the faith, you are staying strong and it shows!!!!
Tuesday at 8:51pm ·
Kathy Wegener

Hi Robin. Kathy let me in on her Facebook page so I could check in on Mike's condition. He will be in our thoughts, as will you. Kathy will put both of you on the YMCA Middle Tennessee prayer chain. Please tell him Fred and Kathy Wegener are rooting for him to make a full recovery!
Tuesday at 7:53pm

Prayer Chain for Mike Rakes

Location: Everywhere
Time: ‎9:00PM Tuesday, March 15th..

Tracey Rasnic

Hang in there Robin I love you

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