The Hive..... hmmmmm....

The Hive  (using my link)

I have just discovered a new online resource that some of my crafty friends might enjoy. There seems to be a LOT of resources here... everything from craft business to organizing your craft space. Guess which one I need. And of course deco painting, & a few more.
It is called The Hive (use the link above to join or visit, I get credit), & it is free. It is a social + more (I did see some freebie stuff mentioned) site to provide a home for all crafting of any type. If its not there- it will be created. And I cannot BELIEVE that the deco painting doesn’t have more members. LOL
Also- I did not see a separate category for digital scrap booking- unless it is called digital collage in another country. So I will be starting one. So be sure & sign up for that one :)
I know- I said the same thing- I do not want another site to keep up with- but once I get everything figured out, it will work into my lack of schedule just fine. LOL

So come join me!

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