Catching up when you are behind.... impossible??

Hi my friends. I am now SERIOUSLY behind on my projects. Why cant I get a plan & stick with it??? Why, why, why??? LOL My Photo First Aid? I am ashamed to admit I haven't really taken the time to do anything with it. :(  And if you look- you will see I wiped out at Boot Camp around day 10, which is really dumb because I only had a few more days! I am going to try & get caught up with both of them, along with some other projects. And the house- gag, don't know where those magic cleaning fairies are that everyone talks about on FaceBook. I know they haven't come here!
This cats claws are killing me. She is laying on my chest & shoulder.
Mike told me tonight I ought to dump my scrapping files & start over. I think I may do *almost* that. LOL I'll keep what I have left after pitching the bits & pieces, & also copy to a disk. Thank goodness most of my spending has been at one place, & Scrap stores are WONDERFUL at letting you get the stuff again if you lose them. I am tired of fooling around & I don't think I am getting anywhere!
Mike & I are trying to figure out WHY a folder that I haven't touched, would keep making copies in it. I had 8 copies of each element in one folder, & I REALLY did NOT do it!!! We are thinking maybe the temp DL does it every time it updates my BU? I really don't think that makes much sense though, cus that one folder was bought a year ago. LOL And all of them are doing it. Almost enough to make me ill.
I am going to start figuring out how to add some stuff to this blog, like some of the cool sites I visit.
In spite of all my whining (no I do not want any cheese), I have had a WONDERFUL day!!! I had lunch with a very dear friend who I dont see often enough. She took me out for a early birthday lunch. I do not know why we dont get together more ofton. It must be the distance, as we both live out in the middle of nowhere... about 3 miles apart. LMBBO!!! Love Ya Keri :)
Ok- may have to throw the cat down & take a shower.

Oh- I should add a happy thing.... how about a picture of.... Bella????

Yep- this should work. Smile :-)

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