Yall wont believe this...

I am so proud of myself, I have to brag.
Those of you that know me KNOW I am a MAJOR procrastinator.
My late GF's daughter is getting married on a tight budget. As a wedding gift to them, & because I know my GF would want me to, after all... if she were still with us we would have been doing both weddings.  Anyway- I bought the artificial flowers & said I would do the wedding bouquets & boutonnieres. I have NEVER done anything like this, but I figured I could wing it at the last second as usual.
I am FINISHED woo hoo happy dance oh happy time... & early also. She isn't picking them up til Friday!!! I am so proud of myself!!! And they are beautiful!!! OMG- I did it!! I will get pictures before she picks them up.
I do know I could never be a florist!! I am too much of a perfectionist & like to play way too much!

Also last week I actually cleaned my living room up really well! I moved tons of stuff in the dining room to sort & figure out where to put it. I am Bellaising room by room. That was the first room I did, Ill get to another one soon, move all the extra stuff to the dining room.
OMG- I WROTE this down- that means someone might read this & I will HAVE to do it! Eeekkkkssssss

OK- My happy item for today is a digi scrap page i did of who else.... Bella.

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