BOOTCAMP- Day 11 *surprise*

Remember better late than never???? Well this is it! I am going to finish this. I guess I thought it had a lot more days to finish than 3. LOL I can be so silly at times. So here is Day 11...

Journal Prompt:  Briefly map out a timeline of your life up until this point. (Why would I want to do that????)
I was born, then a spoiled toddler (the last & only girl), grew up, learned a few things, did a bit if college, moved to Key West to get away from rotten ex BF (gag- where were my brains), met & married a army man- Mike. We had 2 children who are now grown, learned a whole lot more, I was & am always crafting & creating something, and in my 40's I discovered I could paint, thanks to Donna Dewberry & QVC. LOL  Who knew- NOT ME!!!!
Since then, Mike & I have moved to the country, our dream place, and my son & his wife have given us the most fascinating little Granddaughter- Bella. You may have read about her ;)  And;;; in the last year I have been learning Digital Scrapbooking.
I love my comp & I love all the friends I have made from all over the world... & I am still learning.
Was that brief enough??? SICLOL (sitting in chair laughing out loud)

Random Word Prompt: “Hush”
This is a painting I did in a class at Tole Town. And then I applied a few techniques I am trying to learn in digi scrappin.

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