I recently posted a picture of a apple gourd I painted on one of the greatest sites ever... ToleTown. If you have any desire to learn to paint- these teachers can do it! Honest- & you do not have to draw a straight line- thats what rulers are for. LOL

This is a apple gourd that I bought off Ebay!! Every since I saw the apple size gourds, I wanted to try this. Finally I got some of the gourds, I have 2 left.

The apple base color was not a pattern, I wung, wing, winged ?? it. I taped the stem so paint would not get on it- it was pretty as it was. I based the apple with a red & then blended in, using a wisp brush with watery paint, to add in yellows, dark reds & greens. I just had fun playing- which is what I LOVE to do. I just tried to make it look like a real apple.

For the caramel- I picked a paint color & loosely used Anne Cahills Pudding tag instructions (a donated ToleTown pattern) using colors that I thought would work with the caramel color. I think when I added a white on top of the cream color it may have brightened that part to much. LOL But I liked it & didn’t want to redo it. Lazy

Yep- I sealed it with Triple Thick sealer spray- I LOVE that stuff. After the triple thick dried I added glitter as Anne suggested. I even thought about taking some of those paint beads (the stuff in little tubs that is glue & beads) & adding that after sealing to look like the candy pieces some caramel apples have. But I LOVED it like it was.

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