As promised....

Here are the two pages I created from Stuff to Scrap designers Ivory Keys & Scraps of Ellay. The kit is named "Life Happens". LOL Isn't that the truth. The other version is also true. LOL

the first one is from the Christmas pageant Bella was in. Not too sure Mommy can handle the stress of those. LOL
The second is various photos of my brothers when they were young. I dont know about them- but I dont think I came to life until I was around 2 years old. LOL I have no baby pics of me.

It never ceases (sp?) to amaze me how many ways a kit can be used & never even realize they came from the same kit!!! I am trying to get the hang of actions in my PSE program- & what they actually do. LOL If I had a memory it would help. I think as long as I know the one that smooths skin, & can remove double chin & make you look skinnier- that's all that matters!!! Buwahahahaha....
Poor Kelsey just had a major fright- it sounds like the water heater blew up or burned up or both, & poured water in their new apartment. Welcome to Apartment living!! At least they rent & don't have to replace everything. Poor Bella was in the tub when it happened & Kelsey thought a bomb went off. They managed to get the water off & some friends are trying to run down the maintenance guy. Cant you picture a bunch of young adults stalking the maintenance mans apartment??? Sat night after 10- now I wonder WHY he isn't home. LOL
Have a great night everyone & be happy!

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