1 week/ 7 days

.by Robin Tomlin Rakes on Friday, March 18, 2011 at 3:02pm.Mike is in surgery now. They are fixing the bottom tibea break which is actually right below his knee. That are also putting in the trachia- which should not be permanant. Actually- I can say it wont, but of course the medical staff cant say that. He has been breathing on his own during the day with very little, if any, assistance from the vent. I *think* they will still leave the vent in for a short time to be sure the trac is working like it should. They have also taken him off the tranqualizing medicine, so he is opening his eyes, wiggles his toes, & squeezes your hand. Unfortunatly his left side isnt doing much- his right side is doing much better. But thats what rehab is for!! We are all getting a chuckle out of the fact that he responds to women, and not much to me & not at all to his male nurse. Wonder why! I think he just auto tunes me out like at home!
Unless he has a change they probly wont do anything about the bleed & bruising in his brain. NO change means its okay. Nothing on the jaw either. And of course until he can sit up they cant put the back brace on for his spinel injury. Now how hes supposed to sit up with a broken spine I havent figured out. Of course I thought it odd that they didnt realize until they went to put the brace on that they couldnt do it with him laying down. Duhhhhh.... seems like they would have realized that he isnt able to sit up being in a drug induced coma.
Kelsey & Bella have been here with me. I stayed with Mike til they ran me off to get him ready for surgery. Bella needs her nap so Kelsey just took her back to the Vineyard. Yes- I ate, & I am okay. I am so grateful to have Kelsey here with me.
There is really not much else to report at this time.
This time last week we were sitting in this same room waiting for any news on Mike & his condition. Its amazing how much our lives are changed, forever.
Please keep the prayers coming. Thanks for everything & I love yall!!!

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