Day 13- Update

.by Robin Tomlin Rakes on Wednesday, March 23, 2011 at 11:33pm.
what a day. I got up & did some stuff here at the Vineyard. Went to the hospital to visit Mike. He was still kinda blah like he was yesterday, not as peppy as he was two days ago. But a real live Dr came by & said that he may be moved soon to a step down unit!! Yippee.......... and than a nurse came in to start Mike working on some physical therapy. That was a first. But then a real Physical Therapist came in to talk about getting him started on a program, & to try & figure out what the deal is with the brace that is supposed to be on Mike. She promised to get to the bottom of it & let me know. So that was a informative & busy visit.
I then went to Kmart as it is hot & I wanted some cheap shorts. Then I get a phone call from Shepherd Rehab center in Atlanta. An hour conversation & zillions of questions later, & Mike is going to Shepherd, possibly soon.
I know the location is not perfect for all of us, including me, but I have to decide what is best for Mike. And from what I am learning, this place is it. The insurance covers it, there is a place for me to stay, at least for a while, & they can get him there. I will need help when he comes home, so if you wanna volunteer, go ahead. LOL
I went with our host family to their church for dinner tonight, & to talk to the youth about Martha's Vineyard & what it is. They had also collected a variety of things to help here. Soap, cleaning, & some baby stuff. They LOVED hearing about Bella, & Baxter the mascot (a 22 oz lil Yorkie (I think) dog). The kids were so sweet.
I went to the last visitation & Mike was either really into the movie on TV, or so tired out that he didnt do much. So I did not stay for the entire hour.
And that about sums up today.
If you do know anything about Shepard in Atlanta, please share it with me. Thanks.


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