Day 15- Friday March 25, 2011

.by Robin Tomlin Rakes on Friday, March 25, 2011 at 11:25pm.
Two weeks- but 15 days. In some ways it seems much longer. And I have the easier part of this healing. In some ways its good that Mike has been "drugged out" of a lot of this. Less boredom for him, we all know how he hates sitting still.
Mike was much better today, between his eye expression & hand movements, he got most of his messages across.
Today was the day that I realized he wants to know what happened. Even though he cant talk, I knew it. So I told him what had happened, about his injuries, but I didnt go into details. You could tell he didnt know much of this, he understood the injuries better, but when I told him he has been there for 2 weeks he was shocked. After that you could just see it going around & around in his mind. I kept telling him how great he is doing, & he had angels, prayers & God looking out for him. And how much he has improved in record time.
When I went back tonight he still seemed to be tossing it all around in his brain. It took us days to realize this really happened, so it might for him. It is still unbelievable to me.
Monday the liaison from Shepard will be here to talk to us. So no trip to Enterprise. I hope that soon he will be moved to the neuro unit. They have private rooms. These shared rooms on the PCU unit are awful. The people in the next bed were not happy that a chair was taken from their side to Mikes so I could sit. And they repeated that many times. After a while most of them left, the wife & I talked for a few minutes- she seemed nice. I felt sooo bad for the older man- tonight they were trying to find a vein- and they couldnt, even using a ultrasound. They kept trying & he hurt every time. When I left it had been 1 1/2 hrs & they still hadn't got one.
Other than that & missing my family- that sums up today.
Thank you aGAIN to everyone for keeping us in your prayers.


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