day 3- a little late

.by Robin Tomlin Rakes on Monday, March 14, 2011 at 3:43pm.
First I want to thank everyone for their messages, thoughts & prayers for Mike & our family. Those are very encouraging for me personally, & help me to stay positive from day to day. Not to say I dont have some meltdown minutes, but from all the medical professionals & knowing Mike himself- I think he will fight & continue to get better.

They inserted a feeding tube & have started feeding him. They still wake him up out of the coma twice a day to check his toes & fingers response. The right side is better than the left side, but they are beginning to see an improvement on the left. Yae!!! Then he is immediately put back under so he is not in pain & his body continues to heal.

He has run a fever on & off the last few days, but so far he responds very well to the tylenol.

He is more swollen from the previous leg surgery & all the liquids he is given than the Drs anticipated, so they have postponed doing the lower leg surgery until Friday- hopefully.

Did I tell you he has joined our families "Broken Jaw Club"? How that will be fixed noone really knows, since they cant move his head, neck, or spine to work on his jaw. Plus he is still on a vent indefinitely. But the jaw is the least of his problems.

It is almost visiting time again- so I am getting off here. Hopefully I will be checking in tonight with day 4's "report".

I love Yall!!!


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