Day 6- Mike

.by Robin Tomlin Rakes on Wednesday, March 16, 2011 at 4:17pm. Wow- been a busy & emotional day.

Kelsey Brad bella & I got home last night. I couldnt decide if I wanted to stay here or stay with the kids- wasnt sure I wanted to stay here w/o Mike (Ive done it plenty of times before), I didnt want to oversleep for the Ultrasound appt. But I decided to stay here. I am glad I did- until I woke up & was so proud of myself that I woke up before the alarm, & then realized none of the clocks were reset for the time change. SO I hustled & got to the ultrasound appt. in time- barely. Sorry folks- no sex news :( But it was amazing what you can see on that screen. Then the running started, & we got a lot accomplished. Brad & I went to the tow company to get what we could out of Mikes car. when I get back to my computer, I'll share a few photos of the car.

BTW- if you happen to have any of the photos- please dont share them with others, these are personal, & I'll decide what needs to be shared. Thank you- I know you understand. A few dif people at the site took pics & like all things- they can get passed around.

We did find the missing laptop & keys. Yep- the laptop is crunched some, but not as bad as you would have thought. I also took a little fall that ended with a head dive & got a face full of dirt. I am still picking sand out of my teeth. At that time & place Brad & I enjoyed the laugh.

I talked to Mikes nurse a while ago- & they have removed his chest tube- which means his collapsed lung is AOK now :) However they want to put a tracia in, No clue how to spell that, & take the vent out. I am not really sure why- they may want to do some work on his jaw. And if i understood her right- this will stay in as long as Mike is in the Halo- 3-6 months. Now that doesnt sound good to me- but these people know what they are doing. So I trust them... but Ill be looking this up later. Other than that change, they are still keeping him pumped w/ blood & potassium, (in addition to a kazillion other things) I think in anticiapation of upcoming surgeries.

I am going to go wash the sand out of my hair & finish the laundry so hopefully I will be ready yo head back to Pensacola when Kelsey gets here. We want to be back before the last visiting hour.

Thank you to everyone for all of your offers of help, and especially your prayers. Financially- we are okay right now, but if you want to help financially- think about a donation to the place that is keeping my family in better spirits- & goes way out of there way to be sure we have a comfortable place to be for these next few months.

Unless there are any changes- this should be my "check-in" for the day.
Love Yall!!!!!


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