March Template Challenge

Hi Yall!! Toward the end of 2010 I discovered a challenge that intrigued me. The magic words were.... "Participating in my monthly blog challenges is easy. You don't have to belong to a specific forum or gallery. You don't even have to use one of my digital kits!" 
I admit sometimes I get really fed up with all the different forums & all their different & nit-picky rules.  But this is coming from a decorative painter who has never had to deal with anything like that :) It is really a effort for me to figure out the credits, which site can & cannot be shared (especially if you have collected freebies). I have read many ways to do this while you are creating a page, & of course when do I remember this? When I go to add my page to a gallery. Dingy me!!!
This site is by designer Jenn Reed, & I have to say that she has been so sweet to me. Here is the site for the March challenge. Jenn has provided a free template for you to use, and all she asks of you is to post a link to your layout, & she gives you a wonderful participation freebie!
This is the template I started with...

Here is the page I created from Ms. Jenn's template. I learned so much while working on this... & I think I had way to much fun playing with it!
I used another kit "Muddy Girlies" from Susan Young of Ivory Keys Digital Designs. I love these colors & it seemed to fit right in with... uhmmmm.... Bellas look. LOL (I have to fix a few spelling boo boos- oops)
We all know that most of my photos are of Bella... so here she comes...

I think you can click on the pic & it will be larger.
TEXT: February 18. 2011 was a wonderful Monday morning. Bella, you had spent the night, and I absolutely LOVE waking up to your smiling face. I get to lay in bed & talk to you, & you talk back & smile at me.
After you were up, your diaper changed, then you wanted FOOD!! You are at the stage where you do not want anyone to feed you, you want to do it yourself. I drew a blank on breakfast food for you. All I could think of was oatmeal with fruit in it. So I made some, thinking MAYBE you will let me feed it to you. Nope, nada, not! You & Ozzie dog enjoyed playing & eating the oatmeal. You wore more than you ate,, & Ozzie ate more off the floor than you ate. You had fun & also got a bonus morning bath.
I Love You, Grammy
March 3. 2011

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Tora´s Vintage Dream said...

Robin this is fantastic I love your layout and photos of Bella, she is so cute:) and this looks like a much needed challenge with no strings really. I might even take part in it? Thanks for posting this and letting us know on fb:) Hugs

Jen Reed said...

Oh Robin!!! LOVE THIS! Your grandbaby is sooo adorable. I don't see an age for her but she looks about 3 or so. That's when my girls first started having their sleepovers with their grandma... and they are still going strong with sleepovers and they are now 11!!

And thank you so much for your kind words about my challenge. I'm thrilled you keep coming back to play. :)

Tora´s Vintage Dream said...

Thank you Robin for sharing your MOJO I think that you have done so by all the great links you post on fb :) and I follow LOL LOL this one though is my favorite so far, I love everything about this challenge - it motivates me to scrap because of "not all those "CAN & CANNOT". Just keep on posting LOL and I´ll follow you my friend.

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