Sept 24, 2011
Hi everyone! I am so far behind, I guess because I don't have anything interesting going on.


We have a new granddaughter in the family! I have no idea why I never posted about her here. Dingy me! Her name is Ms. Bailey Elizabeth, & she was born on Aug 31st. She is so precious, & she looks just like Brad did. This is Mike &; Bailey, he LOVES being a PawPaw.

Mommy, Daddy, Big Sis Bella & Baby Bailey are doing well. Bailey has had a few minor issues, but overall they are doing great! Bella pretty much just ignores her. I'm not sure if that's good or not.... hmmmm.  Will they bond if she does this? At least Bella is not trying to drag her around by her head or something. LOL 
Mike has had some rough days, he is almost reconciled to the fact he wont be able to work in the near future, if ever. He does not want to admit that at all. He is seeing a physcholagist to help with his brain injuries, & to deal with his emotions about his life changes. Due to the injuries, he can't physically or mentally do a lot of things he has always done. And for a man who is used to being "the boss" this is very hard for him. And reminding him to be glad that he is alive has worn thin with him, since he doesn't remember anything.

I have been working on my NEW Zibbet Store...  "Robins Painted Nest... & more"  I didn't know there would be so many things to do for this. LOL  Today I am trying to create some Logo's... I did a few earlier this week & put them on the photos for the site. They are AWFUL! I kept creating PSE brushes like I read, but I hated them. So I found a free logo maker site today (the link on the right), & have made a bunch of different ones. Now I will have to recreate my site photos- cus once I added the PSE brush- I couldn't remove it. Weird.

I have been having a craving to paint- but I STILL cant find the table down there. GRIN I know it is in that mess somewhere. LMBBO  I will get to cleaning it sooner or later.

Our oldest son David evacuated Hatteras (where he lives) for Hurr Irene, & finally got back after about 2 weeks. I think he is going to move to Islamarada, Fl (one of the Fla islands) & work there for a while. His job was with the tourist industry, & well, the islands really got hit badly, so not many tourists now, and its almost the off season for them, so they had to lay some people off... guess who was one. :(  I don't understand why this is not in the news, if it was NYC or another big area we would still be hearing about the recovery. And wouldn't you know he bought a vehicle while he was evacuated????

We have had a drought here in SE Alabama- this USED to be a pond! You can see a bit of water on the left in what we call the middle pond. I asked Mike if I needed to mow the top pond!!! What does that tell you????

And FINALLY- work has begun on repairing the deck roof & sun-room that were destroyed in April while Mike was still in the hospital. But if anything can go wrong (short of bodily injury) with this job, it has. It took forever for the crew to get started, & then there were so many complications. They did finish the roof & put in 4 of 5 windows yesterday. They are supposed to be back this morning, but I haven't seen them. LOL  They do good work- and are one of the nicest bunch of guys ever-  but the management skills STINK! The job should have taken 3-4 days, I think we are on week 3 now. LOL  Good thing Mike & I are so nonchalant about it. After the first days, timing became a "whenever joke" to me. አትህስ ውልል በ አ ሱንርኡም/ ፕላይርኡም/ ዶምኖ ፕላይንግ ርኡም/ & አ ፉቱረ ርኡም ፎር ትሄ ግርልስ ውሀን ትሄይ አረ ኦልደር።

Uh Oh- I hit a wrong button. I cant get that back to English! BUWAHAHAHAH
And now I don't remember what I typed. Yes- I have to watch the keyboard or my typing would look similar to that on purpose.

Well- I guess I need to get on with my day. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this.

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