Susan Y. asked me??????

Was she desperate???? LOL   I am kidding.
Susan Young asked me to be a member of her Digital Scrapping Creative Team at
IvoryKeys Digital Dreams!!!
OMGosh- well that is something that NEVER crossed my mind! Especially as I am still such a SLOW & FORGETFUL & learning digi scrapper. I do know I LOVE to play- and yes- that is what I consider painting & scrapping.
I believe for me that I need to have fun doing whatever it is! If I take something to serious it becomes more like work, and I do not like work. :D Guess thats why I dont like cooking, cleaning, etc.
Back to Susan.... she has sent me her latest kit & I get to have the PRIVILEGE of playing with them! And I have to say- she makes some of the most precious & cute Scrap Kits ever!!!!
I created 2 new pages tonight, & I will post them here when I look at them again with eyes that want to stay open. LOL I also need to refer to my "notes" for my CT responsibilities. Sounds important, doesn't it. It is to me.
I now have to obligations to both of my creative loves- I write a short article for the ToleTown Cyber Palette online magazine (I'll find a link & add it)- and now I get to create pages for Ivory Keys.
Yep- life just gets better all the time. Family, friends, & creativity makes me a happy girl... OK... older woman.

Night Everyone- and I hope your New Year has started off Great! If not- do something for yourself, or for someone else to make you feel good. Put 2010 bad stuff behind you... its all Good from here on!
It's a good way to start the year 2011!


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