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I was talking to someone today, told them that most people think they are helping (even if they aren't),  & realized that I actually do have a few life lessons that I have learned & REALLY do believe in! So I decided to start a list... & this is the beginning.

Words of Wisdom from a Woman, Wife, Mom of 3, Grammy to 1+ 2/9, Sister to 2, and a all around PITA.

Things I have learned, & continue to learn in my life.

(In no order)

Don’t loan money you can’t afford to lose.

Family is more important than money, than anything!

Don’t take things to personal.

Say NO if you don’t want to do it.

Don’t answer the phone or door if you don’t want to.

Your own children will always come first.

Don’t waste your valuable time on lost causes, except in prayer for it/ her/ him.

There will come a time for forgiveness, but probably not forgetting.

Always try to see things from the other person’s side.

Hatred is wasted effort.

Who cares what others think- be you!

Have fun, be silly, no one cares.

This time next week you won’t remember why you were so upset.

Some people don't need friends like I do (hard to believe).

Everyone is different, that doesn’t make them right or wrong, or you right or wrong.

Usually people….

…Think they are helping.

…Mean to be kind.

…Do not intentionally mean to hurt your feelings or make you upset.

…don’t mean to get on your last nerve, but they do.

Have anything else to offer to this???? I will add as I think of things, if I remember.

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