Day 4

.by Robin Tomlin Rakes on Tuesday, March 15, 2011 at 12:38am.
 (Click on the blue title to see the entire note) Has it really only been 4 days? Confession time- I have been down most of Sunday & today. Which I know is normal & to be expected. And will happen again. the hardest part is leaving the hospital. I dont want to go. But I also know it is best for the hospital staff, Mike & me.

Unfortunately- David had to go back to NC today. In truth- I think he felt really bad that he cant do anything for his Dad. So he plans on coming back when he can actually help. As this happened at the end of his vacation he did not have any vacation days left, and we ALL know how these Rakes men are about there jobs, so Dad would understand.

Today was about the same, temp up & down, but the last time his body brought the temp back down instead of the medicine which is wonderful. He is still really swollen- his hands look like bear claws, & his toes are little fat sausages. We are not supposed to take any pictures, but we have been sneaking a few here & there so he can see them when he is ready. Mike will want to know everything that has happened to him.

Now to the excitement of the day.... we went to the late visitation & as we went in Kelsey giggled & said look at his toes. Yall- it was as if he was waving HI with them!! Then I looked at his face & his eyes were OPEN!!! And I screeched & said very excitedly- "noise of some kind- his eyes are open"!!! He was trying to find us but since his head won't move, I dont think he could see us. I asked him to squeeze my hand & he did!! We told him something about Bella & he squeezed my hand again. He acted like he was trying to say something- of course he cant- & he seemed to understand me when I was telling not to talk. But he recognized our voices & responded with waving tootsies & squeezing hands. And... a tear in his eye. Kelsey called Brad- it was his night to stay with Bella- to tell him. I turn around and am asking his nurses at the desk if hes supposed to be doing this & they got big grins & said that had brought him out of the coma for his tests, & he wasn't completely back under again. Whatever- it made us very happy to know that he knew us!!! Brad came up to the hosp- but by the time he got there he was under the meds again.

Poor Mike- guess what his nurses name is now??? Robin, a male. cant you imagine his confusion today when he is awake & the other nurse calls Robin to come see what Mike is doing.... & hes expecting me.... & he hears a male nurse... who by the way looks amazingly like a younger Mike.

We have been told about Robin- that some of the staff actually thought it was Robin laying on the bed. One even had to check the charts to be sure it wasn't him.

So for me the day ended very well, & I am more than ready to head to bed.

I cant leave without saying that don't EVER doubt that people are wonderful! So many friends & strangers to me, have offered there help in so many ways.Thank You.

Oh- one more thing about the goodness of people- one of the church members of Den & marty (our host) found out bella is staying here- & went & bought a pack & play for us to use. and someone else donated money to build a swing set here for Bella & other families to use. So I think Den & Brad will be erecting a swing set while Brad is here.

So if people discourage you, just read this.

Good night everyone, & thanks again.


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