Day 8 Pt 2

Well- I cant count- most of you already know that. :)  The last post should have said Day 8.
The surgery went much longer than anticipated. Apparently- & I have to research this- where his tibia bone broke, has something to do with his knee. And it wasn't just a break, it was broke in about 7 pieces. The ortho recreated & put back together as much as he could, and added LOTS of plates & pins & bolts. I believe he even said a type of plastic bone. Mikes nurse said he was told he had a lot of metal on that knee. The Dr says that usually in any injury like this, arthritis will be very bad, & Mike will probably need a knee replacement in 10- 15 years. But it is fixed for now & that's what matters.
They put the trachea in, & he is back on the ventilator- but the air now goes into the traich. So we can see his face, & he finally got to close his mouth. When we left at 9:30 the surgery meds were wearing off & his regular meds were starting to take over. I told him I was getting jealous cus he was squeezing other women's hands, & not mine, & I felt a slight squeeze.  
But what was really funny was that the nurses were buzzing about Mike & a picture we hung up in his room of Bella & Kelsey. They thought he was married to Kelsey & Bella was his daughter. That's it- I have to get a picture of us to hang up. What would that make me- his Momma?????  GRIN  We have had a good laugh over that.
Brad- she did it again!!!!! Kelsey left her phone on top of the car when we left & went to get something to eat! Then she said she wasn't going to tell me why we had to go back- cus I would make fun of her. And shes right- I did!!! I cant count how many times she leaves something on top of the car & it falls off. She got lucky this time & no one ran over it.
We went to Denny's & it didn't take long to figure out we weren't going to be able to eat in time to get back to the hosp for visiting hour. So we told the server to make it to go. Bella was hungry & tired & she made a really cute squeal/ yell noise. Well the kid at the table behind me said that they should make babies that can be shut off so they don't make noise. Not good to say about our Granddaughter- & I think he got the jest when I turned around & looked him straight in the eyes. Then I turned back to Bella & said go ahead & scream, lets take her drink away & let her scream. Lets let her run all over the restaurant, all of this said very loudly. I didn't want him to miss the point!
Now you have to realize I had sat in the waiting room for 6 hrs for a 2 hour surgery, & the longer it went the more worried I got. So my patience level had been maxed at about the 4th hour. And by Denny's- I had no more left for a silly young man. We got our food & left, but not w/o them knowing what I thought of the comment.
Mikes lab work came back fine after his surgery & he looked good also, considering. He will be in a soft cast for 8-10 weeks. Hopefully the face Dr will be through tomorrow & Mikes day nurse- James?- (sleepy meds are kicking in) said he was going to find out what was going on with that.
Oh- & apparently he was the talk of the hospital the day he arrived. A woman in the waiting room had seen the helicopter fly him in, had heard about him & all the broke bones. My gosh- maybe a huge hospital is like a soap opera as well as a small hospital. I think one of the patients on the Critical Care  Unit died tonight. There are a number of us there for visiting hours & some you talk to, some you just say hi when you pass. I try not to ask many questions of people. But some want to talk, as the lady did when she was telling me about the arrival of Mike. So you recognise many of the family that is there all the time. My heart aches for the family.
And I am so thankful that is not me in their place. I guess that could seem selfish, but I don't think so, I'm just grateful that Mike is still with us.
We know nothing about what the next few months hold for us, but as long as he is alive we don't care.  And as long as everyone keeps those prayers & positive prayers coming, we, his family & friends, will do what we have to.
Its past my bed time, so I headed that way.
If I didn't know they were loading Mike on the helicopter I may have thought this was a pretty picture!!!

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