I am so far behind-

with Mikes updates. Please look on my FaceBook page under notes for current updates. There is a FB badge on the right side of my blog.
But I do want to share a few scrap pages I have made recently for challenges or fun. Usually it is for both. :D

This is for a Ad Challenge on Jen Reeds blog.

I'll add the text.... & credits.  I am still looking for it. LOL
Well I found it... but I cant figure out how to copy the text! Weird!!! I can do it on other pages.

This is one line...  "Have I mentioned that complaining is a classic Brain Injury symptom?"
Have I mentioned that complaining is a classic Brain Injury symptom?
It just tells the basics of Mikes dif halos & why.


I was playing with "software tools", trying to get the hang of some of them. IvoryKeys Digital Dreams created this beautiful kit “Spring Day”, and it is available at Stuff to Scrap.


This was for a challenge at Digital Scrapbooking Place. I was to create a page that expresses how you feel w/o using any photos. SO- what do I feel????

I hope this is a better photo. For some reason the JPEG's look awful. I also changed the background paper from the origunal version. I should have left the before & after! Darn it- too late. LOL  This was a sketch challenge at Digital Scrapbook Place. "Butterfly Dreams" Page Kit Created by Lauren Bavin & "Sweet Summer Breeze" Created by Lauren Bavin @ Digital Scrapbook Place


This was also for a contest at Wacom Pen Scrappers. That is my real birdbath.
You may still be able to vote at Wacom. :D

I am a HUGE fan of Susans, & not just because she is a sweetheart, & also asked me to be on her Creative Team :D, because I LOVE her designs!!! Thanks Susan.

Credits: IvoryKeys Digital Dreams created this beautiful kit “What a Gem”, and it is available at Stuff to Scrap.

The tag says- "These photos were taken with my cell phone while Mike was at Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola. By this time, we knew he would recover, but not how much. This was truly a Happy Moment during a time when I did not know what the future would hold for us."
We still arent sure- but it will be a good one!

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