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Hi. I just wanted to share some of what I have been doing besides running Mike around ... I havent been cleaning. LOL

Template By Ivory Keys
Kit- 'Fun Lovin' by Ivory Keys @ STS
This is the first time Bella played on the slide I picked up at a thrift store. She almost never got off of it.

Kit *What a Gem* by IvoryKeys Digital Dreams available soon at STS template by Shel Belle Scraps
Some of the elements in the kit have been recolored It is so much fun that kits can be that versatile!!!!

I am counting this as my Use it or Lose it challenge.Softly add-on By Adriana's cafe
template by Shel Belle Scraps. LOL (Template challenge)
NEXT MORN- do you think my tag is to big??? I was so proud that my Beach text had a photo of the water as its color, I wanted to show it off I guess. LOL I forgot to make it smaller.
And I figured out how to change the BG on my picture Woo Hoo!!!! The original had a group of people. chairs, umbrellas, stc. in it.
I'm still excited

Kit *What a Gem* by IvoryKeys Digital Dreams available soon at STS
3d template by Bellabugas Scrap Freebies

Kit "To Hope For" by B2N2 Scraps @ STS

JOURNALING- On April 15, one month after Mike's accident, Kelsey went to visit Mikefor the late visiting hour at the hospital. I stayed with sleeping Bella at the Vineyard. Kelsey came back, she was so excited & crying!
Mike had the STRENGTH to reach up hold Kelseys hand. That was the first time that he had done it on his own. We had always picked it up to hold it. Kelsey was quick-thinking & took a picture with her phone.
Miracles do happen.

This is a change of pace for me, along with the journaling, which is very hard for me. My normal type of journaling reads like a 10yo wrote it. This is the way I talk. I have tried to write like most journals I have seen, but it just isnt me. My idea of scrapbooking IMO is to also portray the emotions I have at the time. And this was a great outlet for the frustration. I also decided that journaling is mostly for me, & anyone that reads it in the future might as well read it the way this ole' southern gal talks, LOL. I have thought of one more thing to add to this page- a ink pen. So I'll add that before printing. BTW- my hubby had a VERY serious car accident March 11, which helps to explain why we were so upset about this Dr visit. All of the pages I am doing for a future Scrapbook about it are normal paper size. This was fun- Thank You!!!

Kit *Not So Good * by Adriana’s Scraps @ STS
Fonts: Lucinda Handwriting & Cheryl’s Hand
Dr. *Quack* Williams
June 29, 2011
Mike & I just left one of the STUPIDIST Dr appointments ever for Mike!!! Dr. *Quack* Williams is Mikes General Practice Doctor, or supposed to be. We need a new GP Dr., this one’s a freakin idiot, and we left extremely frustrated!
When we left Shepherd Rehab Center on April 27, we needed a GP. Our Dr. that we had for many years had decided to close his practice, & Mike & I had not got around to picking a new GP, honestly, because we were not crazy with the choices we had. Then Mike had a serious car accident, & we found ourselves desperate for a GP. Dr. Williams was the only local Dr that we could get to take Mike on in his condition.
We knew at our first visit we didn’t have any confidence in him, but we had to make do with what we could get. Then today we went to a check-up with him, almost two months after he has been home recovering.
He wanted to put Mike in a nursing home or hospital, x-ray his entire body, even though we were scheduled to see Mikes Ortho & Neurologist Dr in the next few days, all because we asked about pain. When I mentioned that the other Drs would probably want x-rays, & insurance would not pay for the same X-rays twice, he said we have to be prepared to cover some expenses. Good Grief! Mike hasn’t worked in four months! Oh- & he also needs to go back to a wheelchair- Arrgghhhhh!!! My husband takes care of himself, has been going to Physical Therapy 3 times a week, walks with a cane in public, & walks by himself around home for crying out loud! Dr. Williams said there was nothing we could do for Mike’s brain injury. Wrong Doc- there is therapy for brain injuries. He asked what, & I told him some of the things that were done at Shepherd, so he suggested Mike come in the next morning & they can play scrabble. Are you kidding me???
Mike & I are now looking for a new GP. We have learned a valuable lesson- always interview a Dr. before deciding to be his patient. Sometimes nothing is better than something.
On the photo: Does he look like he needs to be in a hospital?

Stars & Stripes kit (retired) by Ivory Dreams Digital Designs @ STS
Leaves are from Ivory Keys DD "Spring Days" kit, Overlay By Robyn Gough Designs
The Left top corner star has some journaling that explains the photos...
My Dad
Age 17
William F. Tomlin
Great Lakes Naval Basic Training Center, Chicago IL

William F. Tomlin Jr.- My Brother
Age 18 Year 1969
William F. Tomlin- My Dad
Tommy had just graduated Naval basic training at Naval Great Lakes Basic Training Center in
Chicago Il.

Credits: "Spring Breeze" kit by IvoryKeys Digital Dreams, coming soon to STS. <3

It took some work to get a layout I liked, but I *think* I fianlly got it. I had a hard time finding photos that went with the kit. LOL And then I saw our wedding pic scans- they are perfect to me!!!! Thanks for the template

I think that is enough for right now. GRIN... yes there are more.

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