Some updates for Ivory Keys Digital Dreams

Susan aka Ivory Keys has been selected to be in another store!!! That means she is great!  LOL  She will different things in each store, or in both... you just never know. The suspense will keep you coming back for more :D
Please notice the announcements below, & i will add my pages when my eyelids are not closing (must be the gravity).
Enjoy the new site, WLS, Susans web page, & of course our golden oldie store... STS.
Night Yall!!!
(Scroll down for an update to last... I mean early mornings post  LOL)

This is the page I made from IKDD Christmas Traditions.
Credits: IvoryKeys Digital Dreams created “IKDD Traditional Christmas”, & it is available at *With Love Studio*
I think I loosly used a template from DSP- I'll have to look.

The photo is from a Very Merry Christmas when we were little. Just look at those smiling faces. LOL I'm not sure of the year.

I made this page & had fun trying to modify Baileys picture. It has become a joke that I cannot remember how to spell her name. I'll have to post a pic of her stocking. LOL I'm not sure of I corrected the middle name in this photo. I think I did- it is a z- not a s. LOL
 Credits: IvoryKeys Digital Dreams created “Positive Thoughts” kit, and it is available at Stuff to Scrap. The border used was created by Dee J of Susans CT. Thank You

IvoryKeys Digital Dreams

Now I feel better that I have modified the quick post I did early early this morning. I wish I knew why I felt compelled to do it when the brain is long gone. I think cus I'm afraid if I dont Ill forget.

Have a Wonderful day after eating leftovers & playing with your new toys! I wonder how many of us got a electronic gadget of some kind. :D

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