Easy Peasy they said???

it has been suggested many times that I switch to Google Chrome. I did once a long time ago- but I missed my Google toolbar & other tool bars so much that I went back to IE.
So I decided to try again- & now they have this store you can go get most of the same features I had on my GTB. Great- except.... you knew it would come.... some of them are apps. Now how in the heck do I use those???  And it has taken about an hour to find my favs- which were right in front of me. But I did figure out how to save favs... oops... bookmarks,,, so it wasn't a total waste.
I KNEW that change in some cases I don't like! This is one of them. After an adjustment period if I still am not happy, I may change back. But this is supposed to be *healthier* for my computer. We will see....

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