and this is life

Time flies way to fast for this pokey person!! Especially when you think I have had an uneventful week (from what I remember). My GF & I got Bella & her GD together yesterday & took them to McD's, a store, & then the Geneva park. They had so much fun!! Bella ate great @ McD's also. Dummy me forgot to take pics.

I also had this thought that since I have 2 laptops, I am going to set one up for just my social stuff, & the BIG laptop for all the comp crafting I do. The only problem is I see stuff I want to DL while roaming, but I am on the wrong LT. So I am hoping my son can *network* (is that the right word) them together so I can DL from one LT to the other. I think this can be done. Not sure I am going to like this though- we will see.

I finally got my replacement Silhouette Cameo this week!! I am so far behind on what I had hoped to craft, due to this delay. And I want to do some digi scrapping again. I don't think Kels will get her fall scarecrow. :(  But I will do the owl for her eventually!

I am going to do a white tree in vinyl for the new babies nursery. I hope it goes easy, Ive never done anything like this before. My vinyl experiences have not been the best for me so far. If it fails, I can pull out the paintbrush, but putting white over purple can be quite a chore. I am also doing the babies name in 3D paper initials. I hope to finish those today.

My other two grandangels are doing great. Bella is getting some therapy for speech & other fun stuff, due to her delays from the hearing issues she had. You can tell she hears know cus she is always singing & dancing & jabbering at 4. We don't always understand what she says, but that's where therapy will help. And she still gets her message across one way or another. Bailey is a live wire & as cute as they come. She is so funny at 2. Kelsey & I are going to make some advent calendars for them when we get it together. LOL

Mike is... Mike. Not the old Mike though. He stays in so much pain & that damned never go away headache is kicking his butt. And to say that is saying a lot. He tries to stay active, but anything he tackles takes a long time for him to do it. Instead of days, its weeks or months to finish something. I think we have about reached the point of there isn't much else the Drs. can do for him. :(

Mikes brother is sick & in the hospital, I wish Mike could go visit him for awhile. You can tell these two are from the same Momma, they are so much alike. And there is an issue with a loved one on my side.This guy is extra special to me, & his family is to. I pray everything works out, I know it will, it always does, just the way it is meant to. It may not always be the choice you may have made, but it is Gods. Please send prayers for both of them. 

Also add a friend of mine & her family, whom I met when she asked about Mike when he had his accident &, has kept up since then, then her son had a car accident & also had the same neck break & Brain Injuries. He has to have another brain surgery, poor guy. I wasn't sure that I thought Mikes original Dr's had the right idea when they didn't do surgeries & adapted the wait & see approach, now I know that that was the right thing to do in his case. I see all that this young man has had to go through, & now it turns out most of his issues seem to be from original surgery that their new Dr says wasn't necessary. Dr's are human & I do think they do what they think is best at the time.

I cant think of much else to share- I don't think I even have new pics! Now that is bad. Have a great weekend.  :D Oh- and I did a spell check. LOL

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