(20) LawnScapes Virtual Designs

(20) LawnScapes Virtual Designs:   Hi. I hope this is what you meant by a message. We had a beautiful yard- once upon a time. Time, age, a car accident w/disabilities, dogs, and a BIG tree have ruined it.
My dream is to have a low maintenance yard... with grass, & a sidewalk that would be safe for handicapped people & my husband to get to our front door.
I am embarrassed by these pics- we haven't done much all winter. As you can see we have sand instead of grass, my pitiful water garden, *noone* who broke my fountain, a pondless waterfall that never was completed, rocks under the weeds, an attempt at flowerbeds, & our horrible rock sidewalks. As you can see in one picture we do have grass on the other side of our muddy driveway. We cut down the large pear tree that was providing to much shade, and I understand it would have died soon anyway. I LOVE trees, so that hurt. Further out we have an above ground swimming pool which our family loves.

Front Porch

Gravel Sidewalk  LOL

Pondless Waterfall w/ Rock garden (and a cat)

Water garden w/ old bridge
It needs to be people & dog proofed.
A friend walked into it one night (the motion sensor light had blown), she got a wet surprise.
And our granddog thinks it is her splash pool.

Sand... aka as used to be grass

Huge Bradford pear we cut down


*Noone* broke my cute frog birdbath

An attempt at a flower bed

There are rocks under the mound of weeds

As you can see we need some improvements. Hee heeee....
Thank You for having this contest. If you were to decide on our yard, please let me retake the pics with all the junk picked up. I promise we aren't slobs. LOL
Robin Rakes
Chancellor, Al

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