Sept 24. 2018
I had to sit on this email from LawnScapes Virtual Designs for a while, to get myself past the anger, & also decide what to do about this. I have to decide what is best for me emotionally. We all have to pick our battles.

Below is an email I received from the owner of LawnScapes Virtual Designs. I am going to say that I am so disappointed in this person. I had so much faith in her, I told everyone that I believed she would do it when everyone else said she wouldn't. I had convinced myself that she really would do what she could, and she has proved me wrong.

LawnScapes Virtual Designs

Sep 6, 2018, 8:09 PM
to me

Dear Robin,

I am regret to inform that due to licensing requirements in your area I am unable 
to install a landscape for you.  If I had known in advance that you live outside of 
my covered area you would not have qualified for the FREE giveaway. But I was 
not aware of this until speaking with my attorney about your BBB complaint and 
threats to go to the media and news, and constant harassment and demands.  I 
didn’t have a reason to know that my businesses license is not valid for chancellor 
Al. With it being 40 miles away from my business base, I have never accepted a 
job there or in Geneva county, nor would I, except to try and fulfill a commitment 
to you. And Although I was trying to figure out how as a small company to pay a 
team to travel an hour away with resources in tow to fill a commitment of a $1000 
Landscape design that Infact, only had a budget of $600 of materials which in no 
way could have built a walkway, planted sod, and built a cross walk over a pond, 
planted plants and build something to keep your dog out of the pond, and a sign 
to remind your family not to park on the new grass. And whatever other demands 
you were placing on your winning, and not what the actual design had priced out. 
I will be glad to attach pictures of your yard so that your audience can see my 
dilemma.  ( the fix my ugly yard contest you were the only one that applied for 
and won) (notice in your multitude of message sent to me. )The other contest  for 
a landscape up to $2500 had one winner as well,  giving two different contest 
winners at the same time) As much as you would like to force me to GIVE You 
this gift, I simply cannot, I do not have a business license in your area to do so.
Since I am no longer contracting installers due to a health condition that has 
had me hospitalized  on two occasions recently, and under Drs. orders to 
decrease stress. 
To address the other complaint of me not responding to a client, that you have 
spent time digging up, they wanted me to do a project that was against HOA 
rules, I DO have the choice of doing a project or not, especially if it breaks 
rules or licensing requirements. 
To address “you being taken advantage of”  I have not collected any money 
from you, used you, or profited off of you in any way, so I am puzzled by 
that statement. As for “my other businesses” I don’t have any, I have another 
page , that evidently you felt left out of, that is an open forum page for all 
landscapers.  It would be a good resource for you to find another landscaper 
that IS licensed in your area. I have given you, FREE a landscape design, 
with all the information with it to have it installed by a professional or family 
DIY.  As well as a two hour consultation FREE to go over details of the 
design. And I would have been glad to help you seek out a new landscaper 
and assist them after finding out that I could not plant in your area, But 
due to the constant degrading of my company over a FREE GIFT to you, 
our relationship at this point is not conduit to that. 
As instructed, I am requesting that all harassment on this matter stop 
immediately.  I do not have the “free time” that you are privy to blog and 
write post all day.  Contrary to the image you are trying to portray of me 
and my company, I do care about my clients, and although I have had a 
medical condition that has made it difficult to continue to do much, I do 
try my best. I think my reviews and years in business speak for that.  
And as an RN I have always had a compassionate nature and dedicated 
my life to caring for others. 

Wendy Walker

Since I apparently have so much time, I could disprove every line 
lie LVS's owner has made herself believe. She had a person 
come & take pictures in June of 2017. How could she not 
know where I lived? What business owner does not know 
where they can & cannot work? And I also have proof where 
she stated it was $2500, not me. And it is NOT my fault that 
I was the only one that followed her FaceBook page & entered, 
or that she had 2 contests at the same time. I have not 
demanded anything- I entered my wishlistIf harassing 
this company is sending FB messages, an occasional phone 
call (2-3), a very rare text (I don't text), 1 email with current 
pictures, all of this to try to get a reply as to what the status 
of my makeover was over a 17 month ordeal... well she can 
call it what she wants. That defiantly is not the definition of 
harassment. Legal Definition of Harassment  If you cannot 
for any reason, do the job as scheduled, as a business 
owner would you not contact the client to let them know you 
would not be there ASAP? Did not happen in my case.
As for being taken advantage of? Look at the tactics in this 
article People Will Take Advantage of You  I personally feel 
several apply to the way I have been treated. We did have 
a meeting, not 2 hours, but we set up a start date & Mike 
& I agreed to have a sprinkler system installed, pay for 
the sod, & pay her company for the installation, & if 
anything extra came up we would pay for it. No- we did not 
pay a dime to LVD, but the sprinkler installer appreciated 
that we needed a system & ASAP and paid for it. 
We now have a nice sprinkler system that has never been 
used, because we don't really need to water sand.

I have never degraded Wendy Walker personally. I honestly 
feel that some of what has happened may have not been 
in her control. But I believe in the truth, and I asked her at 
one point to please stay in contact with me, and just tell 
me the truth. Why else would I have continued to defend 
her to others & wait as long as I did before it became 
necesary for confrontation? It has been 17 months 
since I won the LVD contest. She & her husband own 
several businesses. This may be the only one she technically 
owns, I don't care. This is the only one I am concerned with.

have no regrets about my actions, I believe I have been honest 
I have not said anything degrading about her company, until my 
start date of June 25, 2018,  1 1/2 years after the contest, came 
& went, with about a 12 hr advance notice late at night 
in the form of an FB message. I have said that as a business 
owner she does not seem to be competent. I have said I 
would be a terrible owner, which is why I do not have

I do know that as an RN you do have to have some compassion, 
and Wendy may the best RN, but a RN is not the person I have 
been in contact with, it is the owner of LVD. I admire anyone in 
the medical field, it takes guts that I don't have.

But now, as the owner of LVD she is lying, falsifying information, 
making claims against me that are not true, and generally making 
up excuses as to why she cannot honor her commitment. 
Whatever- if she can live with herself,  more power to her.

I have no regrets about my actions, I feel I have been honest, &
perhaps a bit too trusting. But I cannot let this get to me 
anymore. I do not have an illness that I can claim that the 
stress over this has contributed to, but it has been stressful, 
actually more frustrating. 

And since LVD can afford a lawyer (right), and I occasionally
write a post on my blog, and I did talk to our lawyer, 
I have decided it just isn't worth the time, emotions or the 
money to fight. I don't want to be around anyone that does 
not want to be here. I don't want our property to be 
landscaped by a company that does not feel they need 
to honor there commitment and will resent being here. 
With that kind of negativity everything would probably 
die.  :(

Wendy- I do hate that you have medical issues. After living 
with a disabled person in 24/7 pain every day for the last 
7 1/2 years, I would love it if people NEVER had to be sick 
or in pain. 

I am done with it- she has to live with the decisions she has 
made. As I do, and I also have to live with the sand & now 
weeds for a while longer.

Wendy- I hope you recuperate nicely at your new beach house,
with your puppies. wish you the best personally.

So- I did not win the battle, but morally I won the war.

Robin M Rakes
And I am sorry about the formatting in this post. I have no idea what I did.  

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