What led me to Digi Scrap

Hi. I added this to a post in a new site for all artists, crafters, or wanna-be's, on *The Hive*, in a group for digi scrappers. I wanted to blog it as well, for my pitiful memory, as well as cheap entertainment for you. LOL

What led you to your interest in this medium? Any plans for your future in digi scrap?

For me- it was the impending arrival of our first grandchild. I had seen some digi scrap photos online, but I didn't know what it was called. All I knew was I liked it, but had no reason to add another art medium to my list of crafts I did for a few years & never touched again. Plus at that time- I was actually making decent money as a decorative painter, & my time was devoted to that. Business slowed down, due a lot to me. So- then grandchild news arrived & what better motivator is there for a new craft medium??? But could I afford it? I had already sunk a small fortune into painting. Well- I discovered that other than investment in software (& there are a few freebies you can use, depending on how involved you get), & printing costs, that's about it. There are so many freebies in cyber space, you don't need to pay a penny if you dont want too. YOu can find free tuts & info online as well on how to do anything with your program. If you get/buy a digi kit- you can use it over & over again. You have it forever!!! And no MESS!!!! That really appealed to me LOL I have too much mess as it is. LOL Everything is contained on YOUR computer.
So- i decided to do this craft a little dif than my norm- I research it, & research it some more, & never did anything. I usually jump in with 2 feet & then look back to see what I am doing. By this time we now know our grand will be a girl- & if I want to do any pages I better put this into practice. So I hooked up with one site that had some wonderful programs for beginners... free again! And that was the start of my love affair with digi scrapping. You can see my beginning pages on Digital Scrapbook Place, under the name alarmrx2. I have progressed a lot, with lots of help- but I have a long way to go.
Hubby bought PSE 8 for my photo software, it is more than enough for me to handle. I did learn that this stuff can take LOTS of room on your computer, so I got a External Hard drive. I have learned an extremely valuable lesson- back those files & pages up!!!!!!!
As for the future- I *hope* to attend a digital crop in NC next spring. We'll see about that one. LOL And I want to keep learning. Right now I am learning about actions. I finally know what they are after a year! Brushes might be next.
The only thing about digi sites- is adding the credits. I want to add credits, but digi sites are kinda possessive about what can can be posted on each site. And when I started out- I wasnt good at saving the freebie designers. I'm still not if its a individual element. I understand why... but I am not used to that, I don't remember ever seeing that on painting sites. Maybe because most ptg artists use a generic site to save there stuff. Gee- another thing to try to remember. LOL
Hope you enjoyed my story, or put you to sleep for a nap. LOL

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