Welcome to 2019. 👋 It is March now & we have started working on the front yard. Mike, our family & friends, and me, of course, are slowly working on it. Age is not on our side when it comes to yard work. I have had to make a few changes due to physical limitations, money (hahaaaaa), & practical reasons.

We have to use the layout of the design provided by the former landscape company, as that is how the sprinkler installer installed the system. But we are adjusting it to what we have on hand & what we think we will like. I liked the basic layout, so no complaints about that, but a lot of adaptions will be done. 

Here is the original version & the version I modified. I admit- it was kind of satisfying to make these changes. 

I have been taking pics since we started planning this. The good, the bad, & the ugly!!!  LOL  And some are really ugly.  I have been researching plants & how to do this or that, and how to do things on a shoestring budget. A lot of things we have around here, we don't need new. Recycle & reuse. 😸  I will add the pics later when I don't need to be outside with my sunburned ears. 👂 And only one accident so far, I tripped over something & landed on the beautiful granite? blocks we have. I got a really pretty bruise on my leg. The hard part was getting off the ground!! 😅

Now also keep in mind- we are NOT professionals. 👷  And we don/t have many of these,💪so I am slow.

I wanted to let anyone who is interested in this *adventure* know that we have started, and we are not defeated by the previous plans for the yard we thought we had.

Coming soon.... pics &amp more fun!!!

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