My 2011 Book

I have been thinking about doing a short little journal every day about my boring life. Journaling is a big thing in the scrapbook world. :)  And now that I have a new Grandbaby on the way, that is just one more reason to do it.
OH MY- I didn't tell everyone that my Sweet Granddaughter Bella is going to be a BIG SISTER, thanks to her wonderful Mommy & Daddy!!!! Sometime around Sept. 1st. Every year just gets better!
As I have been researching this I realized I want to add a few things to this.... keep notes, start an online address book. And then I came across some more ideas, so I am sharing them with you. Please let me know what you think.

All in One Book for 2011

Journal Every Day in 2011 (daily)
• Daily happenings
• Just be me
• Photos
365 things I am grateful for in 2011 (daily)
• Notes
• Photos
Art Journal
• complete at least one project each week
• complete at least one Christmas craft each month
Monthly Note Pages
• Comp.notes, etc.
• Anything I may need to know in the future
• Whatever
Address Book
• Site log-ins
• Online Friends contact info

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