Creative Nature

Sometimes we become so entangled in the mundane facts of  our lives that we forget about our creative nature, until it starts nagging us with reminders of its needs, or until we feel so fractured we know something is wrong.
 ~ Anne Hazard Aldrich, Notes From Myself, 1998

I saw this recently posted on a friends facebook page. After I thought about it & figured out what it was saying, I said to myself ~ Self- this is you!~
That is what I was taught, & have thought all my life, the family & house stuff always come first. My art I have always treated like it was a kind of reward I earned after I did the mundane life stuff.
For the past few (or more) months I have lost the urge to do any of my creative outlets. And I miss the feeling of doing something creative & being so proud of it. And I just figured that out when I read the quote.
Of course, I can blame myself for a lot of it- I love playing on the computer. Or doing nothing. Or spending time with family & friends. I am about as motivated to clean, cook, laundry, as to be creative... maybe less. LOL
I have been looking for a wordart that I used to have- that would have fit in RIGHT NOW perfectly. But alas, it is one of those missing files that disappeared. I've searched the web- but of course I cant remember the phrase. Something like dont underestimate the value of resting, laziness, something like that.

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