Day 9 (late) & Day 10....

Sorry yall. Of all times to start getting a cold. I have been vitamin c & Zicam'ing it, & wearing a mask when I go see Mike.

The last two days have been miracle days with more to come. Yestuarday Mike was breathing mostly on his own, even with the trac, he was just moving his right side great. I got to take the arm restraint off & he raised his right arm while holding my hand, & he did it with Kelsey also.

Today was even more amazing! He moved his left hand slightly, & was more alert. And he lifted his left leg completely off the bed!!!! He looked really good & they left his restraints off. He promised his nurse he wouldnt pull on any tubes & stuff & he didnt!! He kept moving his arm & feeling around anything he could reach.

And Carl just called & hes a new Grampa!! His grandaughter wasborn today a little early, but she weighed over 5 lbs. So they are healthy!

It is almost visiting time again, so I am going to make it short. All news is positive on the Mike front. And............... I may have a really big surprise tomorrow.

Love yall & keep those prayers coming- because they are working fantastically!!!!


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