Way over due update, news, etc.

Hi Yall!!! Long tome since I have added a post. Not sure why- lazy I guess. I was surprised to see comments that needed to be approved. And I really got a giggle out of the one about my spelling, & grammar also, I assume. I write just like I talk, so I have been told many times. And spelling? Well, I never typed a word in my life until the Internet, so if I misspell or mis-type- who cares! I am not out for any awards or anything. This blog started out & probably always will be a way to share ME, & my life.

On with the show....
Christmas!! Wow- it is just around the corner & I usually don't do much Christmas planning until I see the Black Friday sales. I love Black Friday shopping from my recliner with my mouse & the web. But Kelsey has me thinking ahead (maybe because she has been planning since June). My grands have too many toys as it is.So I think I may limit toys to 3 each, and not expensive ones either. A few clothes & some stocking stuffers. Yep- Santa stuffs all the stockings at Grammys' house also. Any opinions? I just cant make myself limit it to 3 gifts each like some do. This is one of the few times I like shopping- Christmas. Except for my men- they are IMPOSSIBLE to buy for!! Especially Mike & David! And that is another thought- Mike & I buy all year long- I am going to suggest to him we don't buy anything that is expensive for each other. Socks & underwear always works. LOL

I am trying to be more thrifty this year... 1- our income is different due to Mike being on disability- 2- I spent all the money on ME already.  Ha haaaaaaa

Have you seen the Sock Snowmen? I am also thinking about having a get together with a few friends who don't care that my house is messy & make some. That way we can all laugh & have fun, and make fun of each others creations. Maybe I should have a contest for the Strangest Snowman & the Prettiest Snow person. None would be ugly- have you ever seen a ugly snowman? I haven't, but then I don't ever see snowmen except in pictures. We rarely see snow in SE Alabama. If you think you would like to come to a Sock Snow Person Gathering shoot me a email, or on FB. I have so many doodads we could add. Wonder if I could make boobs that hang to your waist. LMBBO

As for family news- not much has changed with Mike. He still struggles every day with pain & other issues. The Dr situation is a pain in the ass!  It is so hard to get a Dr that can help him. But he fights through it all & continues to try & have productive days. He is working on a bed headboard/mini wall thingy for the girls beds now. Yes they are both in twin beds now, and in our room with us. Hard to explain, but I'll take pics for you one day & you will see there is plenty of room for all of us, plus a crib. Speaking of- we (me) got a used crib free, not realizing it had NO hardware on it. And we have had no luck getting any from the company. Our pac-n-play is pretty much wore out after 2 lil girls & Mike falling in it. I have bedding, mattress, everything but the crib!! So I am looking for a cheap used one.

Oh my gosh- I didn't think to tell you we are have another Grand in Dec!! And its another lil girl. And for some odd reason I feel like this baby should have a crib at Grammy & PawPaws, instead of a pac-n-play. Maybe its because this could be our last grand, & I will want her to sleep in it til she is 18. LOL  And Kelsey & Brad bought a home about 10 minutes from us- which is wonderful. Our oldest son David is living here taking care of us, doing stuff we can no longer do. All of them are such a huge help to us!

I am slowly figuring out my Silhouette Cameo cutting machine. I had to upgrade from the smaller one, the Portrait. Turns out I LOVE 3D paper crafting. These designs are from SVG Cuts, one of my favorite paper crafting sites. OK- my Favorite one.  :)  Also the Silhouette Online Store has wonderful designs also.

Keep scrolling down

And my friend Dianna is helping me learn about putting vinyl on fabric. Nope- it is NOT just iron it on, it is not that simple. Isnt this a cute pumpkin shirt? It is for my pregnant DIL. I need to get a pic of it, this doesnt do it justice.

I am having a lot of fun with my SIL Cameo- except I am waiting on a replacement. Ooopssss...

Since I have been playing with the Cameo, I haven't done much digi scrapping.  :(  I have discovered mini memory books, and have a good start on those. My idea for the ones I am making is to write down things you may want to remember one day, a place for small keepsakes, & add pics. A journal/ memory box/photos/etc, all in one. This is one I made for Kelsey to remember her last (?) pregnancy. It wont be long & she wont remember some of those special times, like weird pains she didnt have with the other two- or how she felt the day of her baby shower & how many cupcakes got dropped putting them in the car. There are places she could put the cake decos in. I wish I had a better pic. What I do the best at though- is looking for ideas & never doing them. Sometimes I even buy the stuff to do it, & never do it!

Well, I think that is a pretty good update with my life. Please leave a comment if you wanna. Guess I should do that there *splecheckiethingie*.

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