Day 11- late

One day Kelsey will learn to log out of her Facebook!!! I didnt even notice I wasnt on mine!!! I went straight to "Write A Note"
by Robin via Kelsey Rakes on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 11:43am

Yesterday was one of those days. Up & down. We started out thinking Mike doesnt know who we are, knowing that if that's true it is probably temporary, but it was still very depressing. We still aren't sure if he knows us, or was tired, or don't want to squeeze his hand. He did seem more responsive to Kelsey at the late visit last night. He don't seem to respond me as well as he does others- it could be that he cant see me (I'm to short to see in his face), my voice is uhmmmmm...... scratchy due to the cold, or it may have been the mask I have wearing at times.
Then they talked to Kelsey about sending him to a rehab center in Atlanta sometime down the road. As I told the Social Worker they can say that's where they want Mike to go- but it has to be covered by insurance & have a place for me to stay. The more I read the more I am finding that most large places do have arrangements for families.
Brad & one of Kelsey's friends got here last night. I think Brad was relieved to see Dad looking much better. I am glad that they are here for Kelsey. She has been such a wonderful support for me! But she needs a break from me, & to get back to her home & life. And I will be AOK.
Mike is not on oxygen, but it is on as a precaution. A lot of the machines are gone... his room almost looks empty. LOL There is no *guesstimate* on when they want to send him to a rehab center. Like I said the Drs prefer Atlanta- we will see.
And sorry- no big surprise yesterday. We were disappointed as well. But every day he doesnt get worse he gets better :)
Guess what time it is???? Happy Hour... aka visiting hour. Yall have a good day & keep the prayers coming.

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