Thurs Day 7 (I think)

.by Robin Tomlin Rakes on Thursday, March 17, 2011 at 3:22pm.Sorry- never made it back on last night. After the hospital visit, & Kelsey & I getting our stuff organised here at the Vineyard, & trying to get Bella to sleep, I just wanted to sleep. And there aren't any real changes.

BTW- before I forget again- if by some chance you would like to visit him- He is at Sacred Heart Hospital on the Gulf in Pensacola. For now he is on the Adult Critical Care unit. Anyone can visit as long as you come during visiting hours... 9:30- 10:30 am, 12:00- 1:00, 4:00- 5:00 & 8:30-9:30 pm. He is in bed 6 on the 2nd pod (I think)... & you have to be on elevator C to get there. If I vere off slightly- I am lost!!

They have him off the meds that made him coma like- just some strong pain meds. They keep him pretty well knocked out but he can still respond to some requests. And he can have & show pain as Kelsey found out when they were working on his trachiak & making him cough- cuz he squeezed the stuffing out of her hand when the nurse did it. From everyone I have asked they say this is a normal response.

Today they are putting ina pic line. The pic line is to take the place of a IV that is in his neck. His numbers aren't quite right infection wise, & apparently the neck IV is a common site for infections to start. As a precaution they want to change it. As soon as they see the pic line is working they will remove the IV.

Tomorrow they will be doing 2 surgeries- inserting the trachea & working on his knee. Apparently it isnt the bottom leg that was broke, its around the knee. They are happy with the amount of swelling that has gone down. They aren't sure if he has an infection as the silly labs come back different. But they are doing what is needed as a precaution.

I think I am going to try & squeeze in a quick nap before the next visiting hour. I have other things to do- but I don't feel like dealing with it right now. bad girl.

Oh- I also wanted you to know that writing this almost daily, is good for me, & also there will come a time when Mike will want to know everything.

Also- I am attaching a picture of the car- so you will realize what we know- he is a miracle man! I could not believe he lived thru this. The crew did do a lot of damage to the car to get him out alive, but most of what you see is from the accident. Brad & I went & checked the accident site & went to the towing place to get any perrsonal things we could get out of whats left of the car. For me it wasnt near as bad of an experience as I expected- because it didnt even resemble a car- much less Mikes. This is where the car ended up after hitting2 trees & we think spinning into the culvert. I have some photos of that still on my camera that will show how deep it is.

Love you for caring & please keep the prayers coming & ask your special Guardian Angels to give Mike a visit.


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